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GEF Screencasts

Id Article Author
1 GDB Enhanced Features (GEF) tutorial : GEF 101 hugsy
2 Customizing GEF hugsy
3 Automatic Runtime Analysis with GEF hugsy
4 Interfacing GEF with IDA Pro and Binary Ninja hugsy
5 Creating and Using Custom structure with GEF hugsy
6 Extending GEF hugsy

Windows Kernel Exploitation

Id Article Author
0 WinDBG cheatsheet (soon) hugsy
1 Setting up a Windows VM lab for kernel debugging hugsy
2 A Primer to Windows x64 shellcoding hugsy
3 First exploit in Windows Kernel (HEVD) hugsy
4 Arbitrary Write (aka Write-What-Where) exploits (HEVD) hugsy
5 Kernel pool exploits (HEVD) (soon) hugsy

Web Browser Exploitation

Id Article Author
1 n/a yet